About Us

Have you ever had a dream? A passion? That's where this idea for a store came from for me. It's been a long time coming, in my mind, being planned and designed, wished for. But first I had babies to raise, and other life commitments. Everything happens in its own time, right?

I come from a legal background, corporate career, before "retiring" after 13 years. I decided to quit so I could be more present for my children. I wanted to be the one to drive them to piano lessons and basketball. This is a decision I will never regret! I eventually worked for the family business, but was able to still work from home so I could be around for the kids. So here I am years later, after everyone can drive themselves, and about to be moving on to their own lives, or on to college, and I became aware of the fact that I needed to decide what I wanted to be when my KIDS grew up. You kind of lose your identity as a stay-at-home mom, and then you arrive in the season of your life where it can be about you again.

House on Scott comes from my passion for home styling, and interior design. Mixing old and new, layering your space with natural elements, textiles, warm wood tones, and meaningful pieces. My goal is to personally select for the shop beautiful home goods that you are drawn to enough to purchase and grace your home with. The values I strive for are small batch, handmade, women owned businesses, made in the USA, or imported from Fair Trade businesses. 

The shop name is a nod to our first house my husband and I purchased in our early 20's. A little cape cod on Scott Street. Newly married, oh so young. We brought our children home to this house. Struggled and grew, laughed and loved, filled it with memories before out growing it. It felt right to honor the house where it all began. Welcome to House on Scott!

Thanks for visiting,